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Coaching Up Confident Pitchers: Mental Toughness from Practice to Gameday

Get my newest course, Coaching Up Confidence Pitchers: Mental Toughness from Practice to Game Day

Whether you are the parent of a pitcher or a pitching coach, you'll come away with major take aways that can shift the way you communicate with your pitcher(s).

What you'll get:

  • The BEST strategies to build confidence & toughness over time 
  • 10 Tangible, Action Items to have a pitcher implement
  • Communication methods that instantly make a difference

Within this course, I share techniques I used as a pitcher, strategies I learned as a coach, and strategies I've learned from polling my vast Facebook audience to come up with a detailed roadmap for you to follow!

I know consistently making this a priority with your pitcher can truly change her journey and help her gain control of her mental game!

Excited for you (and your pitchers)!