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Intro to Movement Pitches

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When the time comes, every pitcher will add new movement pitches to her toolbox! It’s a FUN and exciting time for her and oftentimes, it's the simplest cues and drills that can get her to execute the pitch to the best of her ability. 



For PITCHERS looking to learn new movement pitches AND for COACHES/PARENTS of pitchers ready to help their pitcher try out different grips/releases

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Learn my favorite cues, go-to phrases, and visuals to help your pitcher master a new pitch.
Inside, you'll find a PICTURE LIBRARY OF GRIPS from REAL pitchers to try several different grip styles to find what works best for her.
Trust me, you and your pitcher will refer back to this course, again and again, to pick up NEW CUES or grips that will change the way you tackle learning new movement pitches in her journey!

What you'll get in this mini-course:

  • 6 Steps to Learning a New Pitch
  • Change Up Mechanics
  • Drop Ball Mechanics
  • Curve Ball Mechanics
  • Rise Ball Mechanics
  • 4 Ways to Release a Change-Up 
  • 3 Ways to Release a Drop Ball 
  • How to Release a Rise Ball
  • How to Release a Curve Ball
  • 10 Drills to master spin & body positioning
  • Different Grip Options for each pitch