(If you’ve got a pitcher, you’re a coach.)

Get ALL the tools you need to become a successful pitching coach today!

Parents, don’t turn around—as her #1 support system, this is for you, too.


Are YOU ready to become a knowledgeable, trustworthy pitching coach, helping to bring out the best in your pitcher(s) every time you work with her?

Do you want her to know that her value to the team is worth more than what the radar gun displays and confidently be able to move on to the next pitch?

Your pitcher(s) will grow in her mental and physical strength when you use the skills taught inside the Coach Maximizer Series.

(And no, having the title “coach” in your name is NOT a prerequisite!)


I know, I know. Sometimes, it's easy to get rattled when...

As Parents...

  • Your daughter is a pitcher, and you don't feel like you know enough about pitching to help her through all of the ups and downs...

  • You’re not sure how much feedback to give and you don’t want to teach her bad habits...

  • You have a daughter who always thinks your corrections are wrong and is convinced she knows more than you...

As Coaches...

  • You coach pitchers who have different private pitching coaches and have plateaued in their physical results or competitive drive...

  • You aren’t sure where to turn for new drills, fresh workouts and unique ways of getting through to your pitcher(s)... 

  • You feel pressure from parents who want their daughter to be perfect & have velocity N-O-W.

Most of all, you want to help her trust her training, build confidence, and ignore others expectations so she can become the best version of herself she can be on and off the field!

I’ve had first hand experience coaching pitchers and working with other coaches, parents, and teams all around the world. I know what challenges you face and what guidance you need to help your pitcher deal with adversity. 

And I’ve compiled my top coaching methods to help YOU guide your pitcher towards reaching her full potential, growing her velocity and accuracy over time, and becoming tough as nails in the circle!


The secrets to coaching pitchers in healthy mechanics, unshakable confidence, and a competitive fire! 

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"I can't even begin to tell you how much I got out of the course.

I'm just a dad of a pitcher (maybe two) and I've been going to lessons for a couple of years, so I've picked up a few things along the way, but this course helped sooo much. I've tweaked some things in her mechanics and she's better than she's ever been. It's helped me work with her pitching coach as well, so we can all work together now. It's awesome."

What if you could: 

  • Learn up to date strategies, verbiage, and motivation to help all pitchers
  • Understand pitching mechanics in a more simplified way to quickly identify where the problem starts and provide key suggestions to fix it
  • Learn new ways to coach your pitcher to help her understand body awareness
  • Confidently know that you are helping your pitcher(s) more than you are hurting their progress
  • See a new approach to pitch calling
  • Grow your coaching skill set for all types of personalities
  • Step into your unique role in her journey to success

All this (and more!) is completely available to you inside the Coach Maximizer Series!

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"Working with Amanda during the Coach Maximizer series was an incredible influence.


Amanda helped me understand the success cycle of a pitcher and as a result I now communicate with my pitchers using more specific language, challenge my pitchers with a variety of new drills, while building personal accountability and self confidence. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build a stronger foundation of understanding the components of pitching."

Inside the Coach Maximizer Series—

Here’s what you’ll get inside this self-study, online program:

  • The most up-to-date pitching philosophies to coach by 
  • Pitching do’s and don’ts 
  • Foundational drills, workouts, concepts, mechanics, and measurements 
  • Accuracy drills + key workouts
  • 12 keys to coach her accuracy (and 8 check-ins to improve on it!)
  • Velocity drills + key workouts
  • 10 mechanical keys for velocity (and 5 things that hold velocity back!)
  • The importance of setting goals (and how to reach them!)
  • How to incorporate challenges and competitions to keep practices fun and build internal drive 
  • Competition ideas and workouts
  • Strategies and secrets of pitch calling (and how to chart pitch calls)
  • Understanding tunneling and effective velocity
  • How to use long toss


Plus, you'll also get...

  • NEW! Long Toss Progression Plan of Workouts
  • FIRST ACCESS to any new training and drills added to this course
  • SNEAK PEEK into a one-on-one lesson with me and how I coach one of my pitchers
  • How to build a balance beam
  • My favorite secret weapon pitching toys (and how to use them!)
  • How to break down a slow-motion video
  • Mobile learning app for 24/7 access

Inside the Coach Maximizer Series!

  • 16 Characteristics of a Great Pitching Coach
  • 8 Ways Pitching has Recently Evolved
  • 15 Pitching Strategies (those I love + those I'm against!)
  • 8 "Must-Incorporate" Coaching Philosophies for Pitchers
  • The 10 Most Important Coaching Philosophies for Pitchers
  • My "Success Cycle" for an Unbreakable Pitcher
  • 14 Body Awareness Measurements
  • 6 "Check Positions with Slo-Mo Video Analysis
  • How to Create Pitcher's Foundational Numbers
  • How to Build my Signature Balance Beam
  • 8 Ways to Coach Mechanical Keys for Velocity
  • 5 Biggest Things that Hold Pitchers Velocity Back
  • 8 Mechanical Coach Check-Ins to Improve Accuracy
  • 10 Keys to Coach Accuracy
  • 10 Ways to Create Competitions & Challenges
  • 10 Planned Workout Ideas
  • Pitch Calling Game Plan
  • 50+ Drills!

Plus: A Private Support Community, Mobile Learning App for Training on the Go, and LIFETIME access


 TOTAL VALUE: $3,685 


Get it today for just $397! 




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It’s time you INVEST in your coaching "toolbox" to build up strategies to help YOU accelerate your pitchers' progress! 


Hey, I'm Amanda.

I was a  2-Time All American at Texas A&M, Big 12 Player of the Year, Big 12 Pitcher of the Year, play in two Women’s College World Series.

I got injured my senior year in college, and it completely shifted my life to become a pitching coach - something I NEVER thought I would do, but now know it’s what I was born to do. 

Since my playing career ended, my life’s passion has been sharing as much of my knowledge & experiences as I possibly can with  pitchers, pitchers' parents, and pitching coaches.

NOW...I coach thousands of pitchers & coaches from all around the world.

In over 20 years experience in softball, I have been surrounded by incredible, knowledgeable coaches who have made me who I am today.

My goal as a coach and in life is to never stop learning, and I hope to inspire you to do the same!

I'm Ready to Maximize My Coaching!

What They're Saying...

I'm Ready to Coach Like a Pro!

“I believe it is our job as coaches to help pitchers build an unbreakable confidence that translates to life outside of the circle and when their softball journey is complete.”

—Amanda Scarborough