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✅ Your pitcher was able to set her own goals to become stronger (physically AND mentally) with each practice and each game? 

✅ She’s able to celebrate the highs and fight through the lows to reach big milestones with pride and accomplishment? 

✅ She’s able to dominate in the circle while keeping a healthy drive and passion for the game? 

✅ Your pitcher’s mindset changed from “I hope I throw a strike,” to “I know I’m going to throw a strike!”?


All of this is possible for your pitcher with the Pitcher's Success Cycle.




These THREE core pitching programs are designed to help your pitcher become the UNBREAKABLE, CONFIDENT PERSON she was made to be through healthy practice routines, simplified mechanics, and consistent form!


Foundation Maximizer

A fresh approach for pitching mechanics. Drag, Glove Hand, Stride, Windup - any mechanic, we cover it with drills, workouts and progressions! 

Accuracy Maximizer

Learn to be free of doubt and full of belief before every pitch. Body Control, Consistency and Visualization techniques, drills & workouts all are inside!

Velocity  Maximizer 

Ready to set new speed personal records? We push for max speed here. Drills and workouts to build strength, add aggressiveness and go all out.


"We have been so impressed with your course! She has learned so much and her confidence to correct things on the fly has increased so much. It has given us a common language and she is excited to pitch because of the different drills. Thank you so much."

~ Gary Waterman, Dad


"I am most proud of my improvement with my whip and strength in my legs. At the beginning of the 3 courses, I didn't really know what whip was at all but I have been working to improve it over these past few months and have finally gotten pretty good at it!

Through the strength workouts and the drills, I feel like my legs have become much stronger which has helped me with the speed of my pitch. I have become a much better pitcher through these courses. Fly high everyone!"

~ Pitcher's Trifecta Bundle Student



Online training led by Amanda Scarborough Amanda WITH:

My #1 Foundational Progression Plan

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My Exclusive Body Awareness

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50+ Technique Mechanics Videos

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50+ Focused Pitching Workouts

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Detailed Drills
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🎉 (NEW!) 20 min, quick workout options
🎉 30+ strength exercises with workouts 
🎉 6 nutrition topics
🎉 Competitions & Challenges
🎉 How to Use Long Toss
🎉 Mental Strategies to Gain Confidence & Mental Strength
🎉 How to Build My Signature Balance Beam
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Hey,  Amanda here!

At a young age, I was told I could never be a pitcher. I thought about quitting ... many times. Considering I was only 5'5" (and had endured many non-pitching related injuries) I “should” have thrown in the towel. 

Instead, I went on to be a two-time All American Pitcher at Texas A&M, Big 12 Player of the Year, Big 12 Pitcher of the Year, and played in two Women’s College World Series. Today, I'm an ESPN softball correspondent and get to coach thousands of pitchers around the world through my online programs!

I have learned there are no shortcuts to success on or off the field.
Pitching shaped me into the woman I am today—strong-willed, determined, independent, and ambitious. And, I can almost bet YOUR pitcher shares similar traits!
But I will tell you—the most important thing I did at a young age when it came to pitching was focus on a strong foundation AND had patience that growth would happen over time
It’s my biggest message to pitchers & their parents - in order to become the best pitcher you can be, focus on your foundation FIRST.
So if you feel like you’re not quite sure how to support your pitcher, know that you’re not alone. Pitching is one of the most difficult things to master in all of sports. It takes patience, practice, great coaches, and most importantly, belief.
Giving up is NOT an option. Listen, if I can do it, so can she! And you can help her get there.

Hear what other
Pitching Angels have to say:

Foundation Maximizer Student

"When I started the Foundation course, I thought it was going to be hard to keep up with but I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now without it. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and have grown stronger because of it. I’m so proud of that."

Pitcher's Trifecta Bundle Student

"I'm amazed by all of my growth through these courses and I am proud to say that I have set a new PR! Before these three courses, I would pitch around 38 and 39 MPH. Now, just 6 months later, I have hit 47 MPH! That means I have gained 7 MPH! I am so happy!"

Parent of Pitcher

"I just wanted to thank you one more time for all you’ve done to help my child's development as a pitcher. She’s an ‘09 facing an all ‘08 team today. The coach gave her the start. Five amazing innings: 4 hits, 10 strikeouts, and 0, yes 0, walks!!!  She is strong in the circle. She is confident in the circle. That's what it's all about."