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Oh, she's ready.


It’s time for your pitcher to grow in her foundation, mechanics and mindset—on AND off the field!

Do you see her doubting herself when she steps into the circle? 
Do you feel like she’s lacking consistency to confidently attack each pitch?
Is she so overwhelmed with pressure, expectations, and practicing with no results that she’s starting to lose her love of the game?
Is she constantly comparing herself to others?
I feel you—I’ve been that girl, too!—but that ends today!
And if she’s the same as me, sometimes all that’s needed is to make small changes in order to propel forward!
Trust me, steps forward start with working on your foundation first.
It’s time to re-ignite your pitcher’s love for the game while embracing a growth mindset and enhancing her pitching skills to help her reach her full potential!


✅ Your pitcher was able to set her own goals to become stronger (physically AND mentally) with each practice and each game? 

✅ She’s able to celebrate the highs and fight through the lows to reach big milestones with pride and accomplishment? 

✅ She’s able to dominate in the circle while keeping a healthy drive and passion for the game? 

✅ Your pitcher’s mindset changed from “I hope I throw a strike,” to “I know I’m going to throw a strike!”?


All of this is possible for your pitcher with a


In my signature course, Foundation Maximizer, your pitcher (and you!) will learn healthy practice routines, understand simplified mechanics, build consistent form, gain speed, and pitch with confidence in record time!


Hey, it’s Amanda!

At a young age, I was told I could never be a pitcher. I thought about quitting ... many times. Considering I was only 5'5" (and had endured many non-pitching related injuries) I “should” have thrown in the towel. 

Instead, I went on to be a two-time All American Pitcher at Texas A&M, Big 12 Player of the Year, Big 12 Pitcher of the Year, and played in two Women’s College World Series. Today, I'm an ESPN softball correspondent and get to coach thousands of pitchers around the world through my online programs!

I have learned there are no shortcuts to success on or off the field.
Pitching shaped me into the woman I am today—strong-willed, determined, independent, and ambitious. And, I can almost bet YOUR pitcher shares similar traits!
But I will tell you—the most important thing I did at a young age when it came to pitching was focus on a strong foundation AND had patience that growth would happen over time
It’s my biggest message to pitchers & their parents - in order to become the best pitcher you can be, focus on your foundation FIRST.
So if you feel like you’re not quite sure how to support your pitcher, know that you’re not alone. Pitching is one of the most difficult things to master in all of sports. It takes patience, practice, great coaches, and most importantly, belief.
Giving up is NOT an option. Listen, if I can do it, so can she! And you can help her get there.

This is a six-week online program meant for pitchers, like yours, who are determined to become more consistent, grow mentally and physically in the circle, gain confidence and learn to believe she IS good enough!




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In the Foundation Maximizer Course, your pitcher will learn my three-part signature pitching formula designed to help her lay a solid, strike-out foundation! 

By strengthening her foundation, she’ll tap into her physical, mental and emotional skills to become a better pitcher...and person! 

Clear Mechanics

Build consistent, solid form to improve velocity, movement, and accuracy by breaking old habits! She will clearly understand where her body should be in a way she never has before.

Drills & Workouts

Follow a clear plan with a variety of drills and specific focuses! She’ll be motivated—and most importantly prepared—for the challenges she faces next season.

Mental Toughness

She’ll gain confidence with a support system and she’ll learn how accountability affects her outcome. She’ll have what it takes to get through the pitching slumps all pitchers face.

Here’s what I know from experience - the faster your pitcher can learn it’s okay to fail and that the process is greater than results, the more she will ENJOY her pitching journey.

The goal is for her to embrace her potential; and build on it!




"We have been so impressed with your course! She has learned so much and her confidence to correct things on the fly has increased so much. It has given us a common language and she is excited to pitch because of the different drills. Thank you so much."

~ Gary Waterman, Dad


"I am most proud of my improvement with my whip and strength in my legs. At the beginning of the 3 courses, I didn't really know what whip was at all but I have been working to improve it over these past few months and have finally gotten pretty good at it!

Through the strength workouts and the drills, I feel like my legs have become much stronger which has helped me with the speed of my pitch. I have become a much better pitcher through these courses. Fly high everyone!"

~ Pitcher's Trifecta Bundle Student


Inside the Foundation Maximizer Course


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Hear what other
Pitching Angels have to say:

Foundations Maximizer Student

"When I started the Foundation course, I thought it was going to be hard to keep up with but I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now without it. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and have grown stronger because of it. I’m so proud of that."

Pitcher's Trifecta Bundle Student

"I'm amazed by all of my growth through these courses and I am proud to say that I have set a new PR! Before these three courses, I would pitch around 38 and 39 MPH. Now, just 6 months later, I have hit 47 MPH! That means I have gained 7 MPH! I am so happy!"

Parent of Pitcher

"I just wanted to thank you one more time for all you’ve done to help my child's development as a pitcher. She’s an ‘09 facing an all ‘08 team today. The coach gave her the start. Five amazing innings: 4 hits, 10 strikeouts, and 0, yes 0, walks!!!  She is strong in the circle. She is confident in the circle. That's what it's all about." 

What She'll Learn:

Commit and Take Challenges Head On

Any big dream starts with commitment. We kick off by having your pitcher set her intention and learn HOW to commit! Growth is all about connecting the goal with intention! 

I have a couple of “Challenges” (aka workouts where she’ll track her progress). This will set the marker for where she STARTS and then at the end of the course, she will do them again so she can have fun and see her growth & progress!

I walk your pitcher through the 6 Parts of Foundation. One of most important ones is Body Awareness, where your pitcher will see how SHE is in control of HER body. She will learn a Universal Warm-Up that she can do before any workout to see why Hydration is critical for fitness. 

Feeling Her Body and Finish

This week is all about your pitcher’s pitching “anatomy" where she finds HER Foundational Numbers. I’ll show you the exact way to find the body positioning that works best for HER which serves as a guide for her to create consistency in her body movements moving forward.
Next, she’ll learn about Whip, Release Point and Finish. It’s important to begin with the end in mind! She will also learn about Stability and how it’s a major contributor to overall strong mechanics. A lot of pitching involves strength and explosiveness of one legged movements, so the strength workout focuses on that and she will also learn about carbohydrates in her diet.

Simplifying Critical Mechanics

Want your pitcher to learn a proper Arm Circle? Or learn drills to get the best Drag? How about learn what a strong Glovehand should look like? 
All pitcher’s parents should want their pitchers to focus on these essential mechanics! I’ll show your pitcher new drills for these mechanics and how to incorporate each of these focuses in your pitcher’s workout so she can feel them and make quick adjustments. (so she's pitching smarter in her workouts)
Core and glute exercises will be included in the strength workout so she can learn ways to gain strength in her bottom half and even learn exercises she can do on her own, maybe while watching her favorite show or listening to a favorite podcast! Protein is the nutrition topic of the week she will learn about!

Implement & Analyze

Self-reflection is key for any pitcher. Your pitcher will learn to think and feel for herself so that she can learn how strong she is and know listening to her body is KEY. During this week, your pitcher will reflect on the first few weeks and how far she has already come!. 
I love giving pitchers a voice in their journey. This week is used for her to create what she wants to do and learn to trust what she needs. Other Angels share how they make the most of this week by re-doing previous workouts, creating their own new workouts or videoing themselves in slow motion.
More of a voice = more fun! 

Understanding Leg Drive

It doesn’t matter how tall your pitcher is or how your pitcher is built, aggressive Leg Drive brings out the best in a pitcher. I show you the three places your pitcher can focus her energy on to get the most out of her legs and how to put it all together to create a beautiful stride with front side resistance.
She will continue to gain strength in her legs and core by learning simple strength exercises she will have in her back pocket forever. She will also learn Snack options & the best options at a fast food restaurant so she can stay fueled on the weekends when she needs the most energy.

Launch Position, Consistent Windup & Growth

Your pitcher didn’t start pitching to never grow and stay exactly the same! She will launch into a pitch with bigger goals of getting more out of her legs, putting her body in consistent positions from Windup to Finish and will see how much she grew from the Week 1 Challenges.
Along with a Strength Workout, she will learn the importance of Recovery.
This is the week she will look back at all that she has accomplished/learned and be more motivated than she has ever been to put in work, fall in love with the process and recognize new forms of success in her journey!

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Our Angels are Shining!

Are you ready for your pitcher to increase her confidence and determination in the circle?!


This course is perfect for her if…

✅ She wants to gain speed, confidence, and accuracy in her pitching.
✅ She’s starting to get overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to focus her attention.
✅ She’s ready to feel supported and learn directly from a pitching expert
✅ She has some bad pitching habits she needs to break
✅ You want her to avoid burnout and unhealthy levels of stress.
✅ She’s ready to be challenged to unlock her fullest potential and become the best pitcher she can be!

Are you ready for your pitcher to turn her hard work into happiness, confidence, and growth?

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