Finish What You Start - Never Give Up

pitching softball softball parent Jul 18, 2022

I’m a firm believer that I am who I am today because I stuck with pitching.


Things I know for sure:

1. Being a pitcher changes your life.

2. Being a pitcher pays dividends in other parts of your life off the field.

3. Being a pitcher makes you feel like you can do the impossible.


Were there times I wanted to quit? Oh yes.

Working through adversity, fatigue, and slumps and coming out on the other side gives you this boundless confidence.

Finish what you start - I believe this is one of the biggest separators in life.


This is a lost art with many people, parents and families.


Anyone can write down a goal.
….it takes a special person to complete that goal.


Finishing what you start represents so much more than the act of crossing the actual finish line.


It represents that:
1. There was failure(s) that you overcame.
2. You had support around you to encourage you to keep going.
3. You are someone who can keep their word, and you mean what you say.
4. There were moments you recommitted to yourself you aren’t someone who gives up.
5. You can see the bigger picture that instant satisfaction doesn’t beat long priorities & values.


There‘a a micro version of this like….

 A pitcher starting an inning (or game) and finishing it.


There’s a macro version of this like….

  Finishing out the year with your team & being all in with them


Playing softball in college.


We should celebrate these “wins” not because of the stat or the fact you can say you accomplished something…


But because of what the accomplishment REPRESENTS.


**There are way more people who find an excuse, rather than finding a way.**


Surround your pitcher with coaches and other families & teammates who believe this with their language AND their actions.


You want finishing to become the habit…the norm.


This major life lesson is one of the life altering values pitching & sports can teach your pitcher.

“Finish what you start” is why so many people can TALK about it, but so few people can BE about it.

I love everything pitching and being a pitcher brings for young girls in their youth lives as well as their adult lives.


Pitching. Changes. Lives.


Encourage your pitcher to DREAM BIG.

Maybe one of her goals is to pitch in college… whee wee 10 things that helped me become a college pitcher that I know you can benefit from! - go here and it will be emailed right to you!

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