Never Give Up

Dec 28, 2021
Simply put, DETERMINATION is not giving up.
When YOU look at this picture, the first thing you might notice is the height difference between me (the one with the ball) and the two other girls. When I look at this picture, the first thing I look at is the focused expression on my face. Do you see it? Determined. Strong willed.
This picture was taken from the first travel ball team I ever played on when I was 10 called Team Texas. The girls standing next to me in this picture were playing 1st and 3rd, but they, too, were also pitchers. I was probably the 5th string pitcher on the team, and usually I only pitched when we played really good teams because I pitched so slow that they had trouble hitting me at least one time through the line up. I was the shortest and weakest one on the team.
It was also on this team when another mom told my mom that I probably shouldn't be a pitcher and I would never make it. My mom laughed. This other mom's daughter ended up playing at Texas A&M. So did I. As a pitcher.
You can see in someone's eyes if they have a passion for what they are doing. When they do have that passion, the work ethic follows, the will to win follows and the courageousness to pursue a dream ensues. When someone does not have that passion, you can tell by the lack of effort, lack of competitiveness and overall lack of dedication to detail. It just means they will find passion in something else.
Be purposeful. Be studious. Be diligent. Be driven. What you want is yours for the taking, no matter your height and no matter what someone else's opinion is.

"She believed she could, so she did."


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