I Don’t Think I’m Pitching Fast Enough

coaches mental game parents Sep 13, 2021

"I don't think I'm pitching fast enough"💔

I just heard this from one of my best friend's mom who was talking about what she hears her granddaughter say when she gets to be around her.

They come from a softball family, her granddaughter just started pitching a few months ago, and already this is a thought in her head that will likely always be somewhere in the back of her mind from now until she stops playing.

It really is a concern and thought of MOST pitchers, no matter what age. Always in the back of their mind, somewhere looming.

The minute a pitcher realizes what speed is or hears other coaches/adults talk about it or maybe hears it on TV, it's planted in their brain as something to pay attention to and tie to their worth.

I liken this to the topic of body image and weight with girls and women.

We see photos of models, swimsuit ads, diet commercials, etc and always think those "perfect bodies" we see are what we are supposed to look like.

💔 "I'm not skinny enough."
💔 "I need to lose weight"
💔 "I want her body"

Remember, there once was a time when we were younger when we had no idea what weight was or any awareness to compare ourselves to others?

Society shows us and tells us one thing that is likely unrealistic for the majority of people.
For both speed and weight, they're both so similar with how they're engrained in our minds and often times we feel our self-worth is tied to those numbers.

This part of mindset is one of the main contributors to a lack of confidence
Comparing, always feeling like you're missing something, and wanting more based on where you *think* you should be.

It's such a balance, right? A drive to want to be more, better, grow, become the best you can be while learning to be settled and proud of where you are currently at.

It's a reminder for us as coaches and you as parents to not base a player's worth off of any numbers tied to their life.

They are more than their speed, their ERA, their batting average.
Where the focus should be is in the small victories of each day that they can control...

- giving their best effort
- keeping a positive attitude
- supporting & being there for others
- choosing to practice
- following their heart & passion
- making each day count

It's a constant effort, conversation and battle to keep them geared toward focusing on these things (the process) and less about the results (the outcome).

Most pitchers will never pitch 70.
Most women will never wear size 0.

Does it mean they should stop pushing themselves to get stronger or just let their bodies go because they can't fit into a certain stereotype? No.

You learn to OWN what you've got.

You learn to have confidence with who you are currently, not just wait to have confidence when you become who WANT to be.

If you're waiting, you may just be waiting forever and not living and loving.

Most of us will always want to lose more weight. If you're a pitcher, you'll always want to throw harder, or add more spin or have a perception in your head for how you *should* pitch.

The craving for more never goes away.

The real victory is learning to love who you are that day and not chase happiness that's tied to hitting certain numbers/forces that often times are out of our control.

It truly is a balance. And it's something that needs to be addressed directly or indirectly every day with our young pitchers who have put so much pressure on themselves.

💓 We are all perfectly imperfect.
💓 We are all a limited edition, 1/1.
💓 We are all worthy of happiness now.

Let's coach like this and see the amazing ripple effect it could have on our athletes & their overall well-being.❤️

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