Pitching Mechanics 1

pitcher Aug 02, 2021
When I graduated college, I honestly had no idea I had what some might say “efficient” or “good” mechanics.
I guess I never really gave it much thought until my slo motion video was put on YouTube around 2012 or so.
I started to get tons of messages from pitchers and parents who said they were modeling their mechanics after me, learning to pitch through my videos and being inspired because I wasn’t very tall.
It started to click in my head that hmmm maybe I was on to something 😂😂
I started to appreciate my coaches and my hard work EVEN MORE, knowing that their words and belief in me could be passed on to future generations.
I thought back to how gradually throughout my career, I grew. It didn’t all happen at once.
From someone saying I would never make it as a pitcher to becoming a two time All American in college.
Now? I do what I can to communicate, teach snd coach these same mechanics and strategies I used as a young girl.
I coach the same way I learned - with body awareness, a focus on self, an emphasis on progress over perfection and most importantly, trying to keep things loose and fun!
We can take things SO seriously. And yes pitching is awesome, but I’m trying to keep pitchers IN pitching, not scaring them away!
I know I can do that through simple, clear mechanics, a focused plan and guiding you through years of my experiences culminating into trainings that are easy to follow & impactful. 💕
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